Jean Claude CHALHOUB - Personal Appointments (free information from Companies House)

Jean Claude CHALHOUB - Personal Appointments (free information from Companies House)

His Hobbies

jean claude chalhoub (Companieshouse) holds an interest in horse racing. As a way to supplement this, he purchased a racehorse which has taken part in competitions worldwide. The earth is full of extraordinary places and sights that enchant him, due to this he travels often. Wine and antique collection are some other pastimes of Jean Claude Chalhoub.

By communicating with the many holidaymakers coming to his native country, Jean Claude Chalhoub has learnt to appreciate a range of unique cultures. Although he studied for his economics degree in France, he commenced and continued his education in Egypt prior to relocating. Jean Claude Chalhoub’s parents came from two different cultures and backgrounds. This enabled him to embrace and learn both cultures and languages.

From this new position, the company – now well established internationally - was suitable to propel Jean Claude Chalhoub in the direction of increased accomplishments. He was specifically elected by his father to assist in running the organisation after he established his worth as an employee. Jean Claude Chalhoub improved the business even more when he covered regions such as France, Canada, and Latin America.

Looking at his life, it becomes apparent that Jean Claude Chalhoub's character was formed to a great degree by his country of birth and his dealings with his family. Owing to his Lebanese father and Italian mother, a range of cultures influenced him during childhood and adolescence. An international insurance and reinsurance company belongs to his father. In the late 1950's, Jean Claude Chalhoub was born into a corporate family residing in Egypt.

The Personal Skills of Jean Claude Chalhoub

Jean Claude Chalhoub is blessed with remarkable communications abilities; these assist him to develop a high amount of trust amongst the clients that he interacts with. Chalhoub's numerous personal talents are superb. He is a young businessman whose foremost professional expertise lies in the insurance and reinsurance sector. The organisation is active in numerous markets. Chalhoub has the capacity to understand the many characteristics associated with these far more effectively by virtue of the fact that he can communicate in a variety of languages. Jean Claude Chalhoub’s abilities with communication and comprehension have made it possible for him to achieve the peak standard of co-operation and understanding with the company's customers and partners, together with his family.