Profils Jean Claude Chalhoub | Facebook

Profils Jean Claude Chalhoub | Facebook

Educational Career

Learning and adaptation are a couple of vital skills when becoming a business entrepreneur and leader. Jean Claude Chalhoub ('s studies assisted him to acquire those traits. Starting his academic career in Egypt, he eventually went to France to start his bachelor's degree in economics. By interacting with the countless tourists coming to his native country, Jean Claude Chalhoub has come to gain respect for a range of different cultures. His learning and awareness of a good variety of languages means he is capable of understanding clients and building strong client relationships.

The Role of the Family Business for Jean Claude Chalhoub

His family company has set him up with the foundation for his career-advancement, through which he receives valuable facilitation to thrive in his professional life. Starting out as a regular member of staff has uniquely equipped him to lead the business to great success. Being a long-time staff member and now a director, Jean Claude Chalhoub possesses an extensive understanding of the marketplace, and is familiar with exactly what it takes for his company to be a success. Joining the organisation as a member of staff and climbing to the very top has provided Jean Claude Chalhoub with a considerable understanding of the requirements of each department.

Hobbies and Interests of Jean Claude Chalhoub

Along with his professional ventures, Jean Claude Chalhoub engages in various recreational pastimes. Horse racing is just one of Jean Claude Chalhoub’s interests, as is ocean sailing. He additionally loves to explore worldwide. The marvels of the planet intrigue him. To see them himself, he regularly travels overseas.

Jean Claude Chalhoub as a Business Leader

His outstanding leadership capabilities and his achievements in generating growth herald the long-term success of the business. He created and established a number of different chains of the business, omitting the group. Jean Claude Chalhoub went on to expand the business in several other regions such as Canada, Latin America and France. His skills and versatility stood Jean Claude Chalhoub in good stead to be chosen for a managerial job.